Recycling Fees

We don’t like charging fees. Our first option is always to place your retired electronics into one of our reuse programs. When an item is end-of-life we make sure it is recycled properly.


Recycling Costs 

Working SVGA Monitor Less than 5 years old
Must Pass Performance Test
Not Working—Non SVGA Monitors Or Monitors over 5 years old. $12.00
Terminals $12.00
Microwave Ovens $10.00
Price per pound
Copiers (working or not)
Price per pound
Price per pound
Stereo Equipment
Price per pound
Price per pound
Computers & Servers FREE
Hard drive cleaning to U.S. DoD 5220.22-M Standard
Price per drive.
Destruction of Flat Panels. $3.00

A printable PDF version of the fees is available here.

All other electronics please ask to see if we are taking them for recycling!

Prices for school districts and non-profits are reduced, please call for information.

Thank you very much,
The Surplus Exchange



If security is an issue, we do offer additional services to safeguard you and your clients. To schedule a pickup from your business location, click here.

We are not making a profit on recycling fees. The fees we charge cover shipping to the reclamation center and the labor to demanufacture your electronics.