Pickup Guidelines

The Surplus Exchange sends out its 25-foot box truck every business day to pick up recycling and donations from area businesses. More info about typical items TSE accepts (link required).

Please read the guidelines below before scheduling your pick-up:


Minimum quantity– Please do not request a pickup for fewer than 10 items. If you have just a couple of computers or a single desk, we ask that you bring those items to us during our regular business hours: 9am – 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Fees– Please remember that recycling fees apply to items we pick-up from you. You will be billed as applicable. Click here for a printable fee list.

Furniture– We accept reusable items only — with all parts in good working order. If donating a lockable cabinet or desk, please tape the key(s) to the top of the item.

Stairs– For liability reasons and for the safety of our employees, we will not move furniture down stairs.  If the furniture is accessible via an elevator, then no problem, otherwise we may ask that you move the items down to ground level before we arrive to pick them up.

Hazardous materials– There are a number of items TSE can’t take, due to hazardous materials and other issues. If you aren’t certain about an item, please call us at (816) 472-0444. To find an organization that can help with these things, please check www.recyclespot.org.

In-kind donations– To qualify as a gift-in-kind donation, an item must be usable and have value. If we have to charge you to recycle or dispose of an item for you, that is considered a service not a donation. All other donated items can be considered tax deductible donations.


Please click here to schedule a pickup, or give us a call at (816) 472-0444.