The Surplus Exchange operates out of a 38,000-square-foot warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri’s West Bottoms. We are just minutes west of the City Market. If you need directions to our facility, please visit our Find Us page.

If you are coming down to do some shopping- whether it be for furniture, office supplies, or electronics- you can enter our facility through our front door found on the east side of the building, on Santa Fe St. There is parking located in front of our building on the east side, or more parking is available on the south side underneath the I-70 bridge.

Our Electronics Recycling Center (ERC) is located on the southwest corner of our building at the intersection of Mulberry and Intercity Viaduct Rd. You will see a concrete ramp leading up to the ERC. If you are coming by to recycle electronics, this is the place to be. Park your car near the base of the ramp and our ERC staff will gladly unload your unwanted electronics for you.

If you have purchased furniture and are coming back for a pickup, we usually ask that you come to our furniture loading dock. Our dock is covered and semi-truck height ensuring any vehicle can get in, and your furniture won’t be exposed to the element during inclement weather conditions. Once you arrive, flag down a warehouse employee and let them know you are here to pickup, and don’t forget your receipt! Depending on your vehicle type you may be asked to move down to the ERC ramp to simplify the loading process. But one way or another, rest assured that we will do the heavy lifting for you.


The Surplus Exchange has a wide range of items available for sale to the general public and businesses alike. As much as we would love to keep an online inventory, items turnover to quickly to currently make this a reality. If you are looking for something in particular we recommend that you come on down and take a look around for yourself. We have a wide range of furniture and electronics for sale, ranging from the expected to the eclectic. Who knows, you may end up finding something that you didn’t even know you needed.

Our electronics showroom is host to a wide range of items for sale. We have everything from barebones desktop computers to old typewriters. Just a few things you might find in our electronics showroom include:

 • Barebones desktops and laptops

• Parts laptops

• Complete desktops and laptops

• Hard drives

• Optical drives

• Video Cards

• Server Computers

• Monitors

• Printers

• Cables galore

• 1980’s style head-mounted LED flashlight with 10 pound battery pack (or insert other absurdly random item here)

If you are looking for a personal computer on a budget, you won’t find a better place to buy than The Surplus Exchange. We always have a range of complete systems ready for purchase, including many complete laptops with Windows 7 installed starting at less than $200.

Surplus also has a massive furniture warehouse that contains everything you would need to outfit a complete office on a budget. Everything from tables and sitting chairs, desks and rolling chairs, conference tables, file cabinets and more can be found here. We run specials all the time to make our affordable prices even more affordable, so check back often or follow us on our Facebook page and/or twitter to keep up to date.

We also have a wide range of office supplies available. Hanging file folders, document stacking trays, binders and more are available for prices that fit even the lowest budgets. As of right now we are overloaded on binders, so come on down and take as many as you want for FREE. That’s right, free. No purchase required (although we wouldn’t mind).


Our Electronics Recycling Center (ERC) is where all the magic happens. As E-Stewards, we take our electronics recycling very seriously. Our ERC staff will take a look over your unwanted electronics, and through initial observation and testing, will determine whether the item can be refurbished and reused. This is always our first choice in the recycling process as it extends the life of the electronic item, decreasing the demand for newly manufactured electronics and therefore reducing resource consumption and pollution. If an item makes it through the initial pass/fail test, it is sent up to our tech shop to have extensive testing performed to ensure stable functionality before it is offered for sale to you in our retail showroom, or donated to a community cause.

If an item does not pass this initial test, then it is prepared for recycling. Any salvageable parts will be harvested, and the item will be sorted and palletized. Once palletized the electronics will be loaded on a semi truck headed for Walford, Iowa, where they will end up a Midwest Electronics Recyclers. From here items will be broken down to source materials where they will begin the process of being remade into reusable materials whenever possible. All of our downstream is tracked, and we maintain a zero landfill policy with zero export of equipment to Third-World Countries.


At The Surplus Exchange our primary mission is to save the environment. No small feat and not easily accomplished, but we do everything that we can do reduce any negative environmental impact or facility may produce.

Last year we replaced all of our lighting fixtures with high efficiency, motion activated lighting, which has greatly reduced our energy consumption.

Every tool, generator, forklift, and coffee maker in our facility runs on electricity. On top of that, most of the power required to fuel all of these electric powered devices is powered by our brand new (and massive) 25 kW solar array that we had installed on our facility this year. We would love to show it to you when you come down, but the only view can be achieved by looking over I-70 (which we do not recommend). However, you can check out a time lapse of the install in the video embedded below, and in the near future we will have a display in our showroom that shows the power our solar array is generating in real-time.