The Surplus Exchange (TSE) has been recycling in the Kansas City area for more than 25 years. We maintain a zero landfill policy with zero export of equipment to Third-World Countries.

Because re-use is the most environmentally friendly form of recycling, all equipment received by TSE is audited by our technicians to discern remaining value for refurbishment or remarketing (unless the client requests otherwise). If re-marketable value exists, the items enter our reuse system and will either be available for purchase at our location, or will be donated to a local area non-profit in neec.

TSE is the first company in Missouri (or Kansas) to achieve e-Steward certification. This standard is set by the Basel Action Network, the world’s only organization focused on confronting the global environmental injustice of toxic trade and its devastating impacts. (Click here to visit the e-Steward website for more information)


The Surplus Exchange is:

• ISO 14001:2004 compliant

• A Microsoft registered refurbisher (So you know we won’t resell your software and data.)

• Recognized by the Basel Action Network as one of North America’s most responsible recyclers

• Committed to the Kansas City community


Benefits of using The Surplus Exchange:

• Pay only if your monitor/component is end-of-life

• Many items recycled free of charge

• Less expensive than most for-profit recycling programs

• Your recycling effort may be tax deductible

• Your retired equipment may help a small business or student

• End-of-life items are reclaimed in an environmentally responsible manner

• Labor and recycled parts stay in the United States

• The recycling process is documented

• No e-waste brought to us enters a landfill

• No charge to pick up e-waste from a business environment (some restrictions apply)

• No prison labor to dismantle e-waste


To schedule a pickup from your business location, click here.


Note: Please be wary of companies who offer to take away your materials for free or even offer to pay you for them. Ask them where your materials will go. Will everything stay in the United States? Make sure they won’t be sold to the highest bidder and end up in an unauthorized location. This could lead back to you, with the potential of heavy fines to your organization. Many American companies send eWaste to China, Vietnam, India, Africa, and South America. In those locations women and children often work in harsh conditions smelting metal over open fire. They breathe toxic fumes and they create toxic water run-offs. In some areas, leaded glass is just left beside streams, turning these areas into toxic wastelands. It will be impossible to grow food, raise cattle or drink clean water. Increases in birth defects and cancers have already been seen in China as a result of these practices. Don’t do business with companies that contribute to this problem. ALWAYS ASK THE TOUGH QUESTIONS. Remember, at The Surplus Exchange there are no tough questions!

The Surplus Exchange is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are also a Certified e-Steward. What does that mean to you? When you recycle with The Surplus Exchange you know your material will actually be recycled and reclaimed. Our certification requires us to have oversight of all material until it is recovered. The certification has strict rules prohibiting the dumping of toxic waste in landfills or shipping it overseas. In addition, the certification demands a yearly audit to guarantee we are operating at the high standards e-Steward certification demands.

There are other reasons to choose The Surplus Exchange. We are a nonprofit, and most items contribute to our operation; either providing material we can use to build systems for resale or contributing to our financial health by providing credits with our downstream vendors. In addition, no other electronics recycling organization gives back to the community as much as The Surplus Exchange. We provide computers, furniture and supplies to teachers, students in need, and other small nonprofits in the area. We provide technology to individuals who are in the process of bettering themselves through education. We have also provided computers to the Armed Forces families so that those serving can stay connected to their loved ones. Supporting our local community in any way we can is one of the most important goals of The Surplus Exchange.