Why recycle e-waste?

Every year, an estimated 50 million computers become obsolete. What do you do with them?

Individuals and organizations dispose of mountains of electronic waste, to the tune of 3.2 million tons each year in the U.S. alone. And much of it contains hazardous and toxic materials that pose significant environmental risks.

Compounding the problem, it’s usually cheaper and more convenient to buy new than to upgrade the old. Additionally, schools and non-profits no longer take computer equipment as donations, primarily because it’s obsolete when they receive it.

The answer? Surplus Exchange. We’re dedicated to recycling electronics and do so with the environment and human rights in mind.

  • We attempt to locate reuse programs for products that are still useful
  • We also make sure we recapture the raw materials — gold, silver, copper and other metals — that can and should be reused, and helps save our planet by reducing hard rock mining.
  • We oversee all materials recycled until it’s returned to its raw material state.

Simply put, Surplus Exchange does it right.