Recycling Fees

The Surplus Exchange does not profit from the recycling fees listed. Certain items cost us to have recycled appropriately (such as the vacuum chambers required to crush CRT tubes). All charges that you incur are collected strictly to cover to cost of these environmentally sound procedures, shipping, and labor.


Click here for a printable list.


Desktop Computers – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Laptop Computers – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Copiers – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Flat panel monitors – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Microwave ovens – $10

CRT Monitors – $10

Printers – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Servers – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Scanners – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Stereo equipment – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Flat Panel Televisions – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Rear Projection and Tube Televisions – $.25 per pound

Terminals – FREE (and tax deductible!)

Hard drive cleaning to U.S. DoD 5220.22-M Standard – $15 each


*Prices are reduced for school districts and other non-profits. Please call TSE at (816) 472-0444 for information or e-mail [email protected]

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