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Due to the high price of gas, we would prefer not to send our truck to your business to pick up only a few items. If you only have a couple of computers or a single desk, we ask that you bring them to us if at all possible. Please do not schedule a pickup for less than ten items if you can help it, thanks.

If you are donating furniture, please donate reusable items. If furniture items are not reusable, we will either have to dispose of them at our own cost or reject them. For an item to be considered reusable, it must have all needed parts in good working order. If you are donating a lockable file cabinet or desk, please include the key(s). Please tape the keys to the top of the item.

There are a number of items we can’t take, due to hazardous materials or a number of other issues. If you aren’t certain whether or not we can handle an item, feel free to call us at (816)472-0444 and ask. You can also check at to see what organizations are available that will recycle the questionable item.

Also, please remember that all our recycling fees, listed on our site apply. If a piece of electronics is not reusable, you will receive a bill.  If you would like your hard drives wiped, please inform us at the time we schedule your pickup, so it gets properly processed.  If you tell the truck crew, rather than our scheduling personnel, they may or may not have the proper labels, and your data may not be properly secured for data wiping.

To qualify as a gift-in-kind donation an item must be usable and have value. If we recycle or dispose of an item for you, we are performing a service for you; not accepting a donation from you.

You can schedule a pickup by calling us at (816) 472-0444, or email a list of items to [email protected], or you can fill out the following form and we will call you to schedule a pickup as soon as possible.

Request Pickup

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