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At Work…Practice Reuse

How A Business Can Reuse An Item

  • Find a new use for your item. Or
  • Modify the item to meet a need for you. Or
  • Find someone else who can use the item. Or
  • Find someone else who can use the item if it is modified.


  • Sell the item. Or
  • Donate it to The Surplus Exchange or another


Surplus Exchange Days for Property/Facilities Managers

Let us set up a Surplus Exchange Day. Building/property

occupants can clean out closets and storage rooms of reusable business

furniture and equipment they no longer need or want. Our trucks and staff

will be made available on a given day during Second Chance Week to collect

these still usable materials and provide donors with an in-kind gifts

receipt for tax credit. At your request, we will help you notify tenants

and request their participation. We will track companies who wish to participate

and determine what resources will be needed to handle the donation.