Akers Leaving Surplus Exchange

December 12, 2016

The Surplus Exchange (SE), Kansas City’s only e-Stewards-certified electronics recycler, has accepted the resignation of Bob Akers as Executive Director, effective December 30, 2016 according to Jennifer Tubbesing, PMP, CEO and Board Chair. Akers started with SE in 2004 and was promoted to Executive Director in 2012.

“We want to thank Bob for his service, time and commitment to this organization and wish him the best of luck in the next phase of his career,” Tubbesing said.

SE also announced the appointment of Ben Martin as Interim Executive Director. Martin began his career at SE in 2012 as the Director of Operations.

“We look forward to working with Martin as we plan for the future and SE’s continued success,” Tubbesing said.

The SE Board of Directors and staff are currently conducting a search for a new Executive. In the interim, under the guidance of Martin, the SE will continue working diligently to serve its customers and stakeholders in support of its mission to REFURBISH, REUSE, and RECYCLE.

SE became a nationally recognized leader in electronics recycling, during Aker’s tenure, and he leaves the organization in a strong financial position with exciting programs and effective staff in place.

“We look forward to continuing the organization’s tradition of responsible recycling and community service,” Tubbesing said. “Surplus Exchange is a strong organization, and, as board members, we know well the valuable contribution SE makes to our community.”

The Surplus Exchange (SE) is a non-profit located in Kansas City, MO specializing in electronic waste recycling. Since 1984, SE has been helping the greater Kansas City area by offering a full service solution to individuals and organizations by keeping outdated electronics and office furniture out of our landfills.


Contact: Jennifer Tubbesing

CEO and Chair, Board of Directors

[email protected]