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For Municipalities…Promoting Reuse

  • Hold a city or neighborhood wide garage sale or hold

    a city hall warehouse sale.

  • Coordinate

    a large item pick-up for homes and businesses.

  • Put

    an article in a city newsletter, water bill or other communication to

    residents promoting reuse as a way to prevent waste and giving specific

    reuse suggestions.

  • Develop

    a drop off for reusable items at a central point and let citizens swap

    materials they no longer need for those they do. Select a specific type

    of material for exchange such as “sports equipment” or “electronics”.

  • Develop

    an on-line exchange of reusable materials.

  • Use

    the Kansas City Metropolitan Reuse Guide for referral to reuse businesses

    and nonprofit organizations.


For the more long term  

  • Add

    a reuse component to an existing solid waste collection program. (Surplus

    Exchange can provide guidance to develop such a program.)



Let us know what activities YOU conduct to show the benefits of reuse.

Contact Leann Ritter: [email protected]

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