I am going to take this information back to my community to let them know how different things effect the

I am going to take this information back to my

community to let them know how different things affect the environment. I am

going to show them my projects and work with the youth. The Youth Advisory

Board which is a program sponsored by the YWCA. They are going to take these

projects home and try them for

themselves and see if they work. Then I will take

the projects to the African Drum Making class which is also a program sponsored

by the YWCA and show the youth there. Lastly I will make a survey to see how

the information affected them and if they will recycle now.

How To Make

Recycled Drawing Paper.


1. paper

2. glue

3. blender

4. any type of screen

5. water

6. sink


  Fill blender 2/3 with


– Tear up a few pieces of paper no bigger than a few inches

  Put pieces of paper in

blender until it is filled close to the top

– Add 1&1/2 tablespoons of glue

– Blend until it is a thick pulp

– Put screen in sink

– Pour pulp on screen until a comfortable layer is formed

– Set it outside until dry


Thousands of trees go to waste each year by trashing reusable

paper. If we recycle we would be saving lots of trees and the animals that live

in them. Millions of animals live in forest areas and jungles that humans have

not discovered yet. If we keep destroying trees which also produce oxygen that

we breathe, we won’t get to see those animals or the other wonders in the

forest and jungles. For instance, plants are now the main source of our

medicine. Who knows what types of cures could be in the forest and jungles that

we are destroying. Many  things on this

planet live or die by our choices. It’s time to show our appreciation and how

much we care. It is important that the future can see wildlife first hand, not

having to wonder and use their imagination when reading a book. By doing this

project you have reduced some of the waste in circulation. To find out more you

can go to www.epa.gov or www. bridgingthegap.org/

How To Recycle

Plastic Bottles


1. plastic bottle

2. scissors

3. dirt

4. water

5. tape

6. seed


Take bottle and rinse it out, throw away top

– Take scissors and in the middle cut bottle horizontally so that

you can open top

– Fill the bottle 1/4 full of dirt

– Take index finger and insert in middle of dirt

– Drop seed in hole

– Fill hole with dirt until even with sides

– Take the water and water speed until dirt is soaked

– Take tape and tape the seams where you cut the bottle

– Don’t forget to water plant periodically through top


The earth acts as a giant green house, the ozone layer which is

mostly made up of  o3 keeps harmful sun

rays out and most of the heat in. When we use aerosol cans, the chemicals go

into the air and reach the ozone. They break down the o3 and form a free

roaming oxygen. It finds other o3’s and breaks them down too. They can’t become

o3 again so the harmful sun rays are let in and the carbon that is let off on

earth is trapped in the atmosphere collecting more heat than normal. That

raises the temperature and melts glaciers and icebergs which raise the water

levels of the oceans. Recycling is good for the environment.

Did you know if we recycled all the materials we threw away, we

would cut down our waste problems by more than half. By doing this project you

have reduced a percentage in circulation . To find out more you can go to

www.epa.gov or www.bridgingthegap.org/

I did my Environmental Project on Recycling on my

own.  I presented it to our Youth

Advisory Board for Community Change for Youth Development.  I explained and shown step by step how to recycle

a plastic bottle by cutting it in half and making a planter out of it.  Also how to recycle your paper by blending

and straining and so forth.  There were

around 10 kids present.  They enjoyed

it.  I told them how now they could go

and show people and with lots of people doing that cans can cut back on wasting

paper and plastic.

My survey


Did this information affect you in any way?


Would you think about recycling for now on?


Will you recycle paper?


Will you recycle plastic?


Will you recycle other materials?


Sign your name