Surplus Exchange: What the General Public Can Buy

Reuse as Defined by The Surplus Exchange

The Surplus Exchange recognizes that while the process of manufacturing new products drains our limited resources, and the disposal of materials no longer utilized or wanted

pollutes our environment, many consituents of our communities are encumbered for lack of affordable goods, and educational and occupational opportunities.

The Surplus Exchange promotes reuse and recycling as a means to

prevent wast, improve our communities, and increase the material, educational and occupational well-being of our citizens by taking useful products discarded by those who don’t want them and providing them to those who do.

Reuse is the answer to many local community problems:

The Surplus Exchange is able to utilize the donated equipment to provide services that improve the lives of resident who live in and around the Kansas City Community.

  • The money saved by not-for-profit organizations can be utilized to provide additional services.
  • Provision of computers and technical training to over 450 area “at risk” youth whose families can not afford the cost of purchase.
  • Work skill training to disadvantaged and disabled adults to increase their readiness for work.
  • Supplying new, low-cost, computers to area not-for-profit organizations.