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Reuse is an old business with a new perspective!

The sustained interest and growth of the reuse

industry derives in large measure from the solid waste reduction heirarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle. Reuse is recognized as being distinct from recycling, both in doctrine, and in the handling of the materials this unique

industry diverts from the waste stream.

Recyclers have successfully kept materials out of the waste stream by “processing” their colleced goods into what they once were or into additions for other materials,

while reusers, with little or no reprocessing, keep materials out of the waste stream by passing the goods they collect on to other users.

Whether you are an exsisting reuse operation, or just starting one up, ReDO can help you be more successful by:

Keeping you up-to-date on the entire reuse industry, from environmental impact, to community development, to marketing the materials you


Optimizing your efforts by providing the expertise of successful, reuse operations.

Promoting your specific business, and increasing your opportunities for

materials flowing into your organization, and contacts for sales.

Working with you to strategically plan your reuse operation through business planning and consulting.

ReDO’s 1998-1999 Services Include:


  • Publishing the first reuse industry newletters, including: profiles of existing and new reuse organizations, calender of events, sourcing and placement of reusable items.
  • Create a database, detailing the most complete listing of reuse opportunities ever compiled, and a ReDO Web Site which will include a members trading floor.
  • Publish an in-depth case study detailing how solid waste reduction, emplyment, and community development were achieved through reuse.
  • Publish at least two video tours of model reuse operations including business planning, marketing and material methodologies.
  • Provide workshop(s), and individual consultation for existing and start-up reuse operations.