Some of you like sports. Some of you

 like fishing and some of you like

swimming. Do you know what all of

these hobbies have to do with

pollution in your community?


Did you know that when you run out-

side when it is 104 degrees it can cause

permanent lung damage? Air pollution

 on a red alert day means the air quality

is very bad. Ground level ozone is very

high on a red alert day. Smog contributes

to poor air quality especially on hot days.

Where I live, my electrical power is generated

from a low sulfur content coal. This

fossil fuel is very energy efficient.


Some rivers that run through cities are

very contaminated by run off. In some

cases some frogs have grown three, four,

five and even six legs. Fish can get can get caught

in litter and die, so pick up your trash. Remember

to make a background check on the place

 you are fishing. Sometimes fish can

be poisoned by lead or other petroleum

products. If you eat these poisoned fish

you can get lead poisoning too!



 When swimming  at an area lake, pond

or even a river you need to be careful.

The reason is because at some lakes,

rivers and ponds poison can get in the

  water from the air. Water pollution is one

of the most serious threats to our environment,

because ground water contains all of

the waste people put on the land. This is

the water we all drink. When you go

swimming you put sunscreen on to protect

your skin from sun rays beaming down

through the hole in the ozone layer.

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