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To meet the administrative needs of

the nonprofit community, the Surplus Exchange focuses on reusable business

equipment and furniture.  Just

about any equipment or furniture seen in a for-profit business location

will also be needed in the offices of a non-profit organization.

Desks, chairs, file cabinets, book

cases, and conference tables are some of the most sought after pieces of

furniture by the nonprofit community. 

Surplus Exchange also accepts office supplies (i.e. hole punches,

staplers, binders without logos, etc).   

Generally, functioning medical equipment is also reusable and

therefore accepted. 

A major focus of Surplus Exchange

is on reusable business electronics. 

Items in this category include: working SVGA monitors, laptops, CPU

units, printers, scanners, faxes keyboards and mice. 

Other items include overhead projectors and telephone systems.

Please contact the donations

department with questions on other items accepted.

The Surplus Exchange also offers a

recycling service for older computer monitors and some other electronics.  Computer monitors contain materials such as lead, cadmium and

mercury which have proven harmful to the environment when disposed of

improperly.  At present, for a

charge of $12. Surplus Exchange will ship older (or nonworking SVGA)

monitors to a demanufacturing facility for environmentally friendly

disposal. A statement of deconstruction can be provided.

The Surplus Exchange may accept some

copy machines.  The

organization’s ability to take these pieces of equipment depends on a

variety of factors.  A fee