Potential Solutions

Potential Solutions

(refine the problem)-The problem is that we have humans

coming and  killing the Siberian Tigers.

They are killing the Siberian Tigers for their homes ,for their fur. The humans

are taking the fur and making coats  with

it. They are killing them for their homes 

because in the rain forest there are all kinds of animals and they want

to get other animals and kill them as well.

(possible solutions)-(3)-I can

go to the Kansas City  Kansas zoo and

help them out for 1to 6 hours. Or I can try to raise some money for the


Tigers and take the money to the zoo. Or I can adopt a Siberian Tiger ,and it

will go to the zoo .

Develop A Solution

(realistic solution)-I will go

to the zoo and clean up the Siberian Tiger’s home at the zoo.


First I will call the zoo and tell them that 

I am thinking about helping them with 

the Siberian Tiger. Next

i will tell them when  I will be there and how long I will be there

a day. The last thing I would do is see how to take care of a Siberian Tiger 

and what it likes to eat. Then I am going to call the zoo. I will go

to the zoo on Saturday for 4 hours. I will be there for 4 Saturdays.

Documentation A Solution

(timeline)- I am at the zoo

for 4 days and i  will be at the zoo doing

for the Siberian Tiger for 4 hours. I will have to go to the zoo and have

someone give me somethings and tell the people that i have been to the zoo. I

will have to call the zoo and ask them if I 

can came and help or am I under age?


1.Call the zoo

2.Write the setup paper

3.Have someone to sign it

every time I come

4.Started next Saturday

5.Stay for 4 hours

6.Help the Siberian Tiger

7.Take notes



1.How effective was the 


2.How would you change/modify the project if you did it


3.How did this project impact you/your family/ the

community/ the world?