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they help the environment

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Picture: Honda Insight

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Insight Facts




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Picture:  Ford Escape

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Escape Facts




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Picture: Toyota Prius

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Prius Facts



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Picture:  Unknown


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Unknown Prototype



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Picture: GMC EV-1

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Picture:  Jeep


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Jeep Commander



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Picture:  Honda


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Model X


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Project’s Conclusion


When I went to Surplus Exchange I thought I knew a lot about

computers.  I didn’t know as much as I

thought I did.  EPA had us do an

environmental project as part of the computer build program.  My project had to do with Hybrid cars.  Hybrid cars are cars that run off of

electricity and gasoline.  These cars

are better for the environment than regular cars.  I went about my project by doing a Power Point presentation.  I presented it to our Community Change for

Youth Development youth advisory board. 

The meeting had about 10 youth present. 

I told them about different Hybrid Cars and how they do not destroy the

Ozone Layers as much as only gasoline fueled cars.  Thank you for the opportunity to build a computer.  I really enjoyed myself.