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On the

second floor of the Surplus Exchange we sell a variety of used and refurbished

computer systems. All our systems have at least a Pentium-class processor

and includes all the bare essentials that an average office will need.

These essentials include:

  • CDROM Drive for

    easy install of new software

  • At least 1 Gigabyte

    or more of Hard disk space

  • At least 32 Megabytes

    of RAM to ensure reliability of software

  • SVGA graphics adaptor

    (with at least 1 megabyte of video ram)

  • 14.4 or greater

    modem (most systems include a 56k v.90 modem)

  • Windows 95, 98

    or NT preinstalled

  • 1.44 megabyte 3.5

    inch floppy disk drive

We also

include svga monitors, 101 key keyboards, mice, speakers, and surge suppressors

with these systems at no additional cost. Our in-house technicians build

these systems from parts donated to us by various organizations throughout

the Kansas City area. All parts are thoroughly tested to ensure they are

in proper working condition before they are integrated into a complete system.

Furthermore, all full systems sold on the second floor are covered by a

90-day parts and labor warranty.