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At School…Have an Exchange Day

Elementary and secondary schools . . .

Barter Day Students clean their closets and drawers and

bring in those items they no longer need or want. Each participant is

given a table or uses their desktop to display items for trade. Students

check out each other’s selection and negotiate exchanges. No money is

used. This activity can build communication and entrepreneurship skills.

Book Exchange or Drive Many students have outgrown books

and do not have younger siblings to whom they can pass on well read and

often, gently used books. A book exchange could be developed similarly

to the Barter Day above. Another option for exchange would be a selecting

a central location where all books are dropped off. Students would choose

one book for each book they bring in to trade. This could be an ongoing

project or a one-day event.

A book drive would be an opportunity to benefit others

outside the school.

The Laubach Literacy Center of Kansas City accepts gently

used preschool through second grade reading level books for its Family

Reading Program. They can be reached at 816-333-9332.

KC Reads is a program of KU Medical Center and Children’s

Mercy Hospital. The program promotes reading in the family. Children’s

books with reading level birth to eighteen years are accepted. KC Reads

does not accept books containing stories about guns or violence. They

also cannot accept encyclopedias. Donation drop offs can be arranged by

calling the Volunteer Office at 816-234-3496.

Books can be also be donated at all locations of the Kansas

City Public Library or Mid-Continent Public Library. Items need to be

clean and free of mildew. The libraries cannot accept text books, magazines

or digest/condensed books. Collected items are added to the collection

or sold to purchase other needed books/non-budgeted items. For large donations,

contact the Kansas City Public Library for possible pick up arrangements.


Reuse Essay or Art Contest

Get students thinking about reduction and reuse of our

resources. Hold an art contest where all project parts must be used electronic

or computer components. A sample reuse essay contest problem and contest

rules follow.




I. Writing situation – In 1990, Missouri Senate

Bill 530 was signed into law setting a solid waste reduction goal of 40

percent. In that year, Missourians sent 6.8 million tons of solid waste

to landfills. That amounted to 2,660 pounds per person, or 7.3 pounds

per day. At the end of 1997, per person solid waste disposal had dropped

to 2,040 pounds per person per year, or about 5.6 pounds of waste per

person per day. This translates to a 30 percent reduction in the waste

flow to landfills for Missouri.

Writing directions As we enter the millennium,

young people must share in the responsibility of solving environmental

problems. What solutions could help your community meet the goal of 40

percent? The focus is on the reduction and reuse of our resources, not

recycling. Cite examples that you believe would have a positive affect

on waste prevention.

II. Deadline for school site first place winners: ___________________

    Send entry to:_______________________________


III. Procedures