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to our guide for reuse services and reuse ideas for Kansas City. 

Please feel free to use, borrow, and steal the ideas that you see inside

these pages.  Quite frankly that is

our hope but

we do ask you to tell others about us and

of this guide.

At The Surplus Exchange we are often asked

why we dedicate our energies to reusing furniture and electronic equipment. 

The simple answer is because it is so easy to do, a

chair is a chair, and a table is a table and so on — you get the idea. 

But the real answers are far more complex. Communities need to fully

receive the total benefit each piece of equipment, furniture, clothing

item, etc. has to offer.  To do less

than all we can burdens the less fortunate within a given community, wastes

financial resources and places unneeded stress on our environment.


Surplus Exchange has worked

over the last 16 years to take all-usable but unwanted-office furniture that we

can get and to supply it to the Kansas City nonprofit community. 

While we have been successful in this mission we also recognized some

time ago that

many of our activities were dedicated to finding responsible solutions for all

those �extra� items that come in with the �nice stuff� that would be

wanted by the nonprofit community.  In

pursuit of finding these environmentally sound solutions we developed an

environmental vision of the importance

of the activity of reuse.  Somewhere early along the way we recognized that without

these efforts literally tens and tens of thousands of consumer and business

electronics and furniture would have been directly sent into the landfills

surrounding Kansas City.


are but one organization, we hope that through the development of this reuse

guide that we can start a tidal wave of businesses and community residents

making a personal investment into the practice of reuse. 

Just think, if every unwanted (but still highly functional item) was

reused by someone who did want it, how much money could be saved by not buying

all new items.  Not to mention the

amazing achievements we could create for lessening the amount of potentially

hazardous items entering our landfills. 


we will make a difference. 

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reuse as a means of preventing waste, improving our communities and increasing

the material, educational and occupational well-being of our citizens.