Surplus Exchange



The Surplus

Exchange believes:

That Reuse is not just an urban


We believe that the practice of reuse can

also benefit rural commmunities and the businesses, schools,

and not-for-profit organizations of these communities.

This site is dedicated to the demonstration

of this idea. We are offering a free service to Kansas businesses and

not-for-profit organizations that can benefit from business equipment

reuse – but that cannot easily drive to The Surplus Exchange.

Kansas businesses can list equipment and furniture here

they no longer need or want, though the items are still useful, and

that they would like to sell or donate to a not-for-profit organization

or school.

Kansas schools and not-for-profit organizations

can list items they need and are interested in buying or receiving as


Kansas individuals, schools, not-for-profit

organizations and businesses are welcome to review all listings and

to contact one or more submitting business(es) to negotiate a purchase

or donation.