Enorimental Science

EPA / Kansas Speedway



is the project was the project with Surplus Exchange and the EPA. My project

started out in Surplus Exchange with the planning of the project. Then once

I had gotten that done I stated to do the project by making an interview.

To do the interview I contacted Michael Walker a rep at Kansas Speedway. We

did the interview over the phone. Then I went to my troop (which is troop

87) and showed my project to them by showing posters and signs to tell them

about what to do with old oil and about the Kansas Speedway. Also I did this

for one other troop and it worked out well. 

I think that this project has changed my view on the sport of NASCAR

and the auto-racing world.



Kansas Speedway questions




How does the storage of the 76 racing fuel and the  oil at the Kansas Speedway effect the

environment? go to www.tosco.com 


what happens to the old motor oil from race cars?


Do you have fuel storage tanks at this track? Yes

they do have fuel storage tanks


If yes, how many fuel storage tanks do you have? They have two storage tanks.


How big are the fuel storage tanks? They

are  15,000 each.


Do you keep the unused fuel at the track? Yes,

unused fuel is  keep at the Kansas



If no, who is responsible for it relocation?


How is the fuel transported? By semi truck

like any other fuel


How many permits did you have to have to have to build the track? They have one permit for every thing


What are the permits you have to have to run the track? The  same as any

other bunnies like chiefs stadinam

11.Do all permits have to be renewed yearly? No they have a permit called the 404 permit it is a one

time permit.

12.What are the permits you had to have? They have one permit and it is  a 404 permit

13.How many races are you allowed having a year? As many as you can get in a season.

14.What air quality restrictions do you have to meet?

Non, but the cars might have to.

15.What do you do with the old tires? The old tires

are givin back to Goodyear or who ever makes them

16.Known web sites, which additional environmental

information on the above subjects many be found? www.tosco.com