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Refurbished Computers and Electronics:


Our electronics department offers refurbished and rebuilt computers,
printers, peripherals, and general office electronics. Our member charities
have first choice for these items. What the charities don’t select is then
made available to the general public.

The quantity and specifications of refurbished computers we stock vary
from day to day. Typically, we carry a good supply of 286’s, 386’s, 486’s,
some Pentiums and a few Macs. Prices start at $59 for a 286 with keyboard,
monitor and printer. Call for other pricing and availability. Most systems
come with a warranty!

Other items available include:

 monitors fax machines 
printers   calculators
laser printers (usually a want-list item)  dictaphones
copy machines (sold as is)  software 
 components  TV’s/Microwaves

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