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On behalf of the staff and myself, I want to welcome you to The Surplus

Exchange. If you have never been here before please take a minute to look

around our website. Once you do that I am sure that you will want to visit

us in person. What you find inside of our120 year old 50,000 square foot

warehouse can be a great adventure. Let’s take

a look! This is a great place to look for that special something that

you need. We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00.We especially

welcome all of the nonprofits in the area. If you are a nonprofit and

not a member, think about joining!

Membership info.

Have you heard about the Learn

and Earn Program? This is a great program where students learn about

computers and actually build a computer that they get to keep to help them

cross the digital divide and do better in school. If you are interested

in sponsoring a Learn and Earn class, please contact me for more information.

If you are an organization with students who are interested in taking the

class, you also need to get in touch with me as we are scheduling classes


Are you interested in the environment? If you

are spend a minute or two looking at our Reuse Guide and partners

in reuse pages and see what we are doing right now. These are only some

of the ways we work to preserve the environment. Through our efforts in

conjunction with all of our business partners we keep an estimated 1100

tons of materials out of the landfills each year. To all of our business

partners with excess quality reusable equipment go to our Donations

page to see how to reach us and arrange for a pickup.

As in any endeavor we are very interested in how we can serve your needs

better. Communications are vital to improvement, so I solicit your comments

(good or bad), suggestions or compliments about one of the employees.

Nonprofits, we are here to serve you, make it a point to tell me how we

are doing or if there is something special that you need. We will let

you know when it comes in and hold it for you for a period of time until

you can get in to look at it. Drop an e-mail to me or any of the staff.

When you are here, have a cup of coffee and visit. We all look forward

to greeting you in person. Until I see you around the warehouse, take



Rick Goring

Executive Director