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and Earn

Learn and

Earn is a program designed to support the student’s educational experience

by allowing them to build, and keep for their own, a computer for his or

her educational use. To date, we have had over 600 students successfully

participate in the program.

The students,

junior and high school age, spend 20 hours learning the basics of personal

computer technology. Under qualified supervision, participants learn the

basic inner workings of a personal computer as they build one themselves.

At the end of the program, the student has acquired a basic working knowledge

of personal computer hardware and has experienced the success of following

through with a difficult, yet rewarding experience. In addition to a certificate

of completion, the student is also presented with the computer he or she

has assembled, to keep for their own educational enrichment.

Recently The Surplus Exchange and EPA have teamed up to create a project with

some of the youth that participated in the Learn and Earn program. To see that

project click HERE.