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Here’s How It Works!


Call us when you have reuseable

business equipment which you don’t need any longer.

  • Call 472-0444 and ask for “John” — he’s the guy that schedules donation

    pick-ups. If he’s not available, your call will directed to another

    staff member or volunteer. At this time, we will ask you a bunch of

    questions for the purpose of making the pick-up of your equipment a

    quick and easy process.

  • We pick-up most reuseable items for free (see below the list items

    we are unable to pick-up or accept under any circumstances; items we

    will pick-up for a fee; and items which can be dropped off at our dock).

(If you have the ability to bring the item to us please

do so, as it helps us keep our costs down. Be sure and call

to let us know you are coming.)

At this time, you will given a date for the pick-up, and will

confirm the pick-up with a second call. We will do our best to meet your

needs, but because of the popularity of our unique service, pick-ups are

conducted 3-5 business days from the date of your call (and sometimes longer)

— so please plan accordingly.



Not Acceptable
Charge to Pick-Up
Okay to Drop-Off
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Trash
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Beyond Repair Equipment
  • Paper Goods
  • Bedding
  • Incomplete Office Panels
  • Poor Condition Office Panels
  • Copy Machine
  • Some Monitors
  • Terminals
  • Recyclable Metal Goods
  • Recyclable Electronics
  • All Items in Pick-Up
  • Most Reuseable Items
  • Office Furniture


Please CALL

before bringing in items for drop-off



What we need from you.    
  • Most importantly; we ask that you give consideration to our request

    for items that are reuseable! We are unable to pick-up items damaged

    beyond repair, trashed, hazardous, or too costly to process.

  • We will ask you for a verbal, and in some cases, a written or faxed

    description of the types and quantities of items you would like to donate.

    This will help us determine scheduling and donation acceptance. Please

    note, if at the time of the pick-up our staff deems an item(s) unacceptable,

    they are instructed not to pick it up. This is why it its important

    for you to clearly describe the items you have prior to our arivial.

  • Please disassemble any equipment or furniture including panels, work

    stations or shelving, Also, please have all equipment ready to go: drawers

    emptied, computers unplugged, and items off shelving, etc.

  • We like our staff and don’t want to see them hurt, so please move

    all items to an area that is safe for loading. If an elevator is not

    available, or if other safety concerns exists, we may not be able to

    accept the donation.

At the time of pick-up or donation drop-off, we will provide you with

a donation letter.The letter will list the items donated only. Due to IRS

regulations, we can not tell you the value of your donation, that will have

to be determined by you, or your accountant.

Though we are a reuse organization first, sometimes we will process items

that are not reusable, but rather recyclable — the difference being that

with reuse , an item, with no or very little modification, is passed on

from one user to another, and with recycling, items are “processed” back

into what they once were or into additions for other materials. Because

of the cost incurred to collect and process recyclable items, we ask you

to bring those items to us — please call first!

There will be times (hopefully not very often) when we will not be able

to pick-up certain acceptable items due to lack of space in our warehouse.

When this is the case, we will let you know in advance.

If at the time of pick-up, our staff deems an item(s) unacceptable, they

are instructed not to pick it up. Thank you for your help,