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Electronics Reuse

and Recycling Forum

The DNR grant proposal originally called for a one day, state wide Electronics

Reuse and Recycling Forum. The forum was to serve two purposes: 1) to

describe reuse and recycling programs and strategies which address the

issue of what to do with the large amount of used and end-of-life electronics

which enter the waste stream; 2) to set the stage towards beginning to

coordinate a state-wide effort to manage these materials.

At the time the grant was written, it was Surplus Exchange’s intent to

host the forum at their location. This would allow attendees to experience

first hand what a real-life business equipment reuse and recycling facility

looks like. And in particular, how Surplus Exchange has successfully dealt

with the issue of end-of-life electronics for the part 16 years. In lieu

of hosting the forum at their location, Surplus Exchange was offered the

opportunity to present the forum as part of the Missouri Recycling Association’s

yearly conference. This opportunity seemed more efficient and practical,

as the majority of probable attendees would be at the conference. Based

on the feedback received, nothing was lost by conducting the forum at

MORA. The benefits of showcasing Surplus’ efforts was accomplished by

Rick Goring’s detailed slide-show presentation of Surplus Exchange.

The forum was held at the MORA 2000 conference on Wednesday, May 24,

2000. The format included:

1) An introduction to the forum a. Importance of establishing

  • Importance of establishing a coordinated state-wide effort for the

    maintenance of used and end-of-life electronics.

  • Introduction of panelists, Surplus Exchange and the DNR grant.

2) Industry challenges

  • Definition of industry terminology and environmental hierarchy.
  • Challenges facing organizations practicing reuse of electronics.
  • Challenges facing organizations practicing recycling of electronics.
  • Challenges facing the State of Missouri in handling these materials.
  • Surplus Exchange presentation – KCMO’s answer to the problem.

3) Report on Surplus Exchange’s DNR grant

  • Report on the Drop and Swap programs.
  • Report on 2nd Chance Week
  • Report on the Missouri Reuse and Recycling Guide.
  • Report on Surplus’ efforts in working with other municipalities in

    setting up electronics programs.

4) Description of Successful Reuse and Recycling Programs.

  • Examples of successful electronics reuse programs and initiatives.
  • Examples of successful electronics recycling programs.

5) What a Missouri state-wide electronics management program might look


  • Utilizing a business planning approach, what is involved in designing

    this type of initiative.

6) Open discussion with the panelist

Rick Caplan, former Executive Director of The Surplus Exchange, and author

of the DNR grant, moderated the four hour presentation and discussion.

Other panelist included Julie Rhodes, Executive Director of the Reuse

Development Organization, Richard Manzur, Environmental Engineer with

DNR, Rick Goring, Executive Director of Surplus Exchange, and Leann Ritter,

Program Developer with Surplus Exchange.

The feedback and evaluation forums indicated that the approximately 30

participants viewed the forum as very informative and productive. It is

the opinion of Surplus Exchange that this part of the DNR grant was fulfilled,

and clearly met the grant’s goals and objectives.