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Chance Week

Resale, Reuse

and Repair . . . Give It A Second Chance


Second Chance Week

is a public awareness campaign to promote reuse, repair, resale and donation

opportunities.  During Second Chance Week, local governments, neighborhood

associations, businesses, educational institutions, and others work together

to hold activities geared towards giving reusable items that might otherwise

be thrown away a “second chance”.  Through encouraging

the public’s support of existing reuse establishments and providing communities

with new reuse opportunities such as neighborhood yard sales and reuse

essay contests, Second Chance Week aims to help communities further realize

the many benefits of reuse while reducing waste.


Why ReUse . . .

Preventing waste has

become urgent. Landfills and incinerators create pollution while

wasting resources.  Meanwhile, many parts of our communities are

deteriorating for lack of affordable goods.  One way to prevent waste,

improve our towns, and increase the increase the material, educational

and occupational well-being of our citizens all at once is to take useful

products discarded by those who don’t want them and providing them to

those that do.


Reuse Ideas . .




–Hold a garage sale

to pass on reusable items.

–Set up neighborhood

tool, toy, electronics or furniture exchange.


thrift stores for items you don’t need.

–Donate home items

to Charity.



–Find a new in-house

use for your equipment by talking to co-workers or other departments.

–Modify items, such

as turning a broken desk into a lunch table.

–Donate used magazines

and journals to schools or libraries.

–Reuse packaging


–Donate equipment

to Charity.



–Hold a reuse essay

or art contest.

–Have a collection

drive for used books.


your city to…

–Develop a drop off

for reusable items at the recycling center.

–Coordinate a large

item pick-up for homes and businesses.