SE: How to Make an Equipment Donation to Surplus

 The Surplus Exchange  How to Make an Equipment Donation to Surplus:

  It all starts here!

Without donations of excess, discarded, and other wise surplus inventories
from the business community, The Surplus Exchange would not be able
to a accomplish its many goals and objectives.

It is this equipment that allows us to help NPO’s save money on equipment
purchases. And without these donations, we would not be able to offer our
Computer Education or Occupational Training Programs.

If you have equipment that you would like to donate, just give us a call,
and we’ll come and get it. In almost all instances, there is no charge for
this service. We do have to charge for picking up some monitors and terminals
– the reason being, if they don’t work it costs us $3 – $9 to keep them
out of the landfill. Also, we do not pick up food, clothing, trash or hazardous

Check with your account, as the donation maybe tax deductable………

 Give us a call and ask for Donor Relations: 816-472-0444

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