SE: Furniture, Equipment and Supplies

Furniture, Equipment and Supplies

Since early 1984, The Surplus Exchange

has been serving the equipment needs of the charitable community in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Donated office furniture and equipment is collected, in some cases refurbished, and then passed on to member charities, churches, and service organizations at as low a cost as possible.

Three of our six floors are dedicated to business furniture, equipment, fixtures and supplies. On any given day we have 1000’s of items in stock, including the following:


 File Cabinets

 Medical Equipment




 Office Partitions


 Building Supplies

 Retail Fixtures

 Office Supplies

 Phone Systems


 Some of This!

 A Lot of That!





A want-list system is also in place for needed items that are not in our

current stock at the time of the request.