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Teaching Creative Reuse Strategies to Business

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The Surplus Exchange is working to educate the Kansas City Business Community on how to develop creative new uses for unwanted office furniture. It simply makes good sense —

promoting the conservation of natural resources by developing new, productive uses for attractive, expensive, previously purchased items.

Too often decisions for disposal of business items are made without thought of

potential alternaitve uses. Act proactively and develop the item as a solution for your problem of tomorrow.

Perhaps you don’t need a file cabinet, or an

office desk, or an old computer — but you do need to purchase a display case, a lunch table, or a fax machine. These are all items that can be created by modifying what you already have (and don’t want).

The Process for Reusing an Item

  • Find a new use for your item. Or
  • Modify the item to meet a need for you. Or
  • Find someone else who can use the item. Or
  • Find someone who can use the item – if it is modified. Or
  • Sell the item. Or
  • Donate it to The Surplus Exchange.