Operate Reuse

Want To Operate a Community Reuse Center in Your Area?


…well, we can teach you how to do it!

 Surplus Exchange is recognized as a national leader in the field of combining business equipment reuse with community development, and

solving community problems.  We have 15 solid years’ experience providing the Kansas City Metropolitan Area with a variety of successful environmental, materials, educational and occupational programs, all based on the 

practice of reuse!


Surplus has developed community solutions ( for example — providing computers and technical skills to youth) from the practice of reuse.


Surplus has proven that there is a reuse market for equipment and office furniture


Surplus has demonstrated that reuse creates a significant local environmental impact .

Surplus Exchange, in partnership with the Reuse Development Organization (ReDO) have developed Reuse training, workshops, and consulting for the purpose of“making more reuse happen faster“!   Individuals, organizations, and municipalities are welcome to participate in the variety

of reuse operators programs we offer, including: