Potential Solutions

Potential Solutions

Revisit/Redefine problem


my environmental project I am going to do a neighborhood cleanup, plant flowers

at a park, and get involved in a program called Adopt-A-Wild Child.


on background info: list and describe 3 possible solutions.

       I was thinking about calling the Kansas

City Parks and Recreation Center and ask about planting flowers in the closest

park in my neighborhood.  I will also

gather people from my neighborhood and we will do a neighborhood clean-up. The

zoo program  I wanted to get involved in

is called “Adopt-A-Wild Child”. The Kansas City Zoo is sponsoring

this program. In this program, you can adopt any animal at the zoo for a

certain period of time. The idea of this program is to sponsor the animal of

your choice, and help the zoo provide naturalistic habitats and enrichment

materials for the zoo’s resident. You can choose from birds,mammals, and




Project’s Conclusion

My project was on pollution. During the summer

my neighborhood used to

have weekly meetings about our neighborhood. I

asked a lady in my

neighborhood by the name of Mrs. Starks if she

could get all of the kids

together so I could talk to them about pollution

and have a neighborhood

cleanup. She said yes. When I was talking to the

kids I was telling them

about pollution.

I told them:


Pollution is the contamination of air and water which is caused by

harmful substances. Pollution can be very

harmful to the enviroment around

you. Pollution makes your enviroment unstable

for you to live in. Alot of

people in which the same enviroment we live in

pollute their own enviroment

by littering. When people litter, it makes other

people feel uncomfortable

with living in an unhealthy place. But when

people keep their enviroment

neat and clean, other people will feel

comfortable with living in a healthy

enviroment. That is why you should always keep

your enviroment clean, neat,

and safe.


After I presenteed that to them everyone in our neighborhood

participated in our neighborhood cleanup.

We also helped the in our neighborhood elder

rake their leaves. This is what

I did for my EPA project.