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Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

A Story For Every


Author &

Illustrator: Brittny

A Letter For The Parents,


Parents or Legal Guardians,


my name is Brittny Madden.  I am 14

years old.  My fellow classmates and I

are doing a project for EPA.  The

project is on ideas we researched.  We

wanted to develop a way to protect our environment from harms such as air pollution,

water contamination, littering, etc.  My

idea in particular is to compose a newsletter on how to keep our world a

beautiful place to live.  The purpose of

my newsletter so to introduce recycling to your child(ren).  With this idea in mind, I used a slogan I

when I was in first grade. The Slogan read: Recycle, Reduce Reuse.


for your support,


Recycle, Reduce, Reuse


Hello.  My Name is

Brittny.  I am 14 years old.  I have written a short newsletter on how to

recycle things we use on the day-to-day bases.


Recycle means to use a product continuously.


Reduce in such terms means to reduce the level of waste.


Reuse says it all by itself “reuse the product”.


            We are

going to start off by using basic things in our homes, such as, cans, bottles,

paper, etc.  With cans and bottles we

can do many things, from selling them to donating cans to societies such as

“Cans For Cancer” or the “Ronald McDonald House”.  We can do this by having a food drive at your local Salvation

Army.  Ask that the cans are given back

to you or the organization.  If the cans

are given back, donate them to “Cans For Cancer” or the “Ronald McDonald

House.”  These are both organizations

that help the research of cancer.


paper we can also do many things, such as making your average notebook paper to

your own homemade Kleenx.  You can also

use decorative paper around the house to make a kite or a placemat at the

breakfast or dinner table. 

You can also recycle you clothes

and shoes by giving them to your local thrift store or by having a garage

sale.  At your garage sale or thrift

store you can also sale or donate toys. 

This is also another way of recycling.

Now we are at the part where you

get to reduce the amount of junk cluttered under your bed and in your

closet.  You can reduce clutter by

donating old things you once valued, away or selling them to you neighbors or

friends.  You can also reduce the amount

of old treasured items in your room or space by recycling them.  Make them useful to everyone at home,

school, church, etc.  You can make new

things by being creative and turning old things to new things.  An example of this is taking the stuffing

out of that old teddy bear, and sewing a nice size pillow.  Maybe you’d be more interested in using one

of those Gerber jars and put a small plant in it.  Another way to reduce clutter is by having your own scavenger

hunt.  You could also have your nosy

brother(s) and/or sister(s) look for items they have always wanted.

Other ways t reduce the amount

of waste in your community is to have a “Community Clean-Up”.  A community clean-up is just what is

says.  It allows everyone to clean up

their share of waste in their area.  You

can also do this in a local neighborhood park or community center.  If you are a school club, you could use this

idea for school as well.


we get to do the easy part, reuse our products.


that you had your community, neighborhood park, or school clean-up, you can

come up with great ideas on how to reuse some of the things you found.


just that simple.  All you have to do is

reuse the item for the same purpose, or reuse for something else.

            Thanks for your support,